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Data provided by the website as of 09/05/2019 - Don't forget to click the 'Calculate' button


14-11-2018 Asynchronous processing implemented to make the tool more 'multi-user' friendly

30-10-2018 Added Event Duration and Event Distance as Group by options

26-10-2018 Data migrated to a PostgreSQL DB

05-08-2018 BikeErg data for 2018 and 2019 season to date

24-05-2018 IAAF rankings functionality temporarily removed

24-05-2018 Normalise limited to over Years only

24-05-2018 Multiple events now uses the minimum matches slider to allows X from Y matches

24-05-2018 Power and Percentile filter logical order swapped; percentile filter now applied first

03-05-2018 2018 C2 and SkiErg data added

21-01-2018 Polynomial line by colour applied to both IAAF and C2 datasets

20-01-2018 Wide data option added for data download

18-01-2018 Field events added to the IAAF page

10-01-2018 Download csv, multi select for event and multi select for filter added to the IAAF tab

09-01-2018 Added functionality to download underlying data behind a C2 chart

01-01-2018 Filter By changed to multi select

01-01-2018 Multi select for event bugs fixed. Note that avg power across selected events is now used to determine percentile criteria

30-12-2017 C2 event selector changed to multi-select. If more than 1 event is selected the sum of the measure across all events is plotted. This now means matching athlete performances across events.

29-12-2017 Added polynomial line to C2 boxplots and scatter plots

21-12-2017 Behaviour of Top Percent control has been reversed so 100% is the most powerful/fastest athlete

13-12-2017 Added bar chart and summary table to IAAF rankings

13-12-2017 Added match and normalise in IAAF rankings

03-12-2017 Top n changed to Top Percentiles in IAAF rankings

03-21-2017 Walks added to IAAF rankings

30-11-2017 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 100mH, 110mH and 400mH added to IAAF rankings

26-11-2017 Concept 2 Filter By functionality added

26-11-2017 Match and Normalise by Age Bands updated to be by normalised years instead, i.e. years logging on Concept 2

23-11-2017 Age bands now in 5 year steps

23-11-2017 Match and Normalise now by Age Bands or Events, Base event now selected using Event selector on the left hand side

16-11-2017 Concept 2 top x percent is now a double ended filter

16-11-2017 Added all non-verified Concept 2 data

15-11-2017 Concept 2 ranking filtering now by top X percent based on the grouping and colouring

15-11-2017 Concept 2 matching and normalising now limited to ('500m','1000m','4 minutes','2000m','5000m','6000m','30 minutes','10,000m','60 minutes')

15-11-2017 On Concept 2 page bar chart for sample counts now always displayed below the main chart

12-11-2017 Added a slider to set the minimum number of matches required for an athletes season results to be inlcuded in the Concept 2 normalised results

09-11-2017 10 year age bands added to Concept 2 Data

09-11-2017 Functionality to match a single athlete's performances across events within a year and normalise power based on selected base event

09-11-2017 Concept 2 Dataset updated to include all verified data

04-11-2017 Added bar chart plots to show counts of athletes by group and colour

04-11-2017 Added more events to Concept 2 data plus the ability to compare across events

29-10-2017 Added Venue as a Group and Colour By option to IAAF Rankings

29-10-2017 Added ability to isolate a single Nation in the IAAF Rankings

27-10-2017 Added power values for Concept 2 Data - Uses Concept 2 website equation to convert time and pace to power

26-10-2017 Updated to handle hundredths of seconds

26-10-2017 Added first drop of Concept 2 Data


This Shiny App works best on a laptop/PC although it will render on a tablet/phone

All Box and Whisker plots show the Inter-Quartile Range (Box, 25th to 75th Percentile), Median (Bar in centre of box, 50th percentile), Whiskers extending to 1.5 x IQR or max/min observation, and any outliers beyond the whiskers.

This is a work in progress. Please feel free to report any bugs to me at

Any suggestions for additions/updates welcome

IAAF Rankings

All data is taken from the rankings website

This data represents the best performance by an athlete in each year

Charts can be grouped and coloured by Year, Nationality and Age using the relevant dropdowns

After colouring click on the relevent item in the legend to show/hide a series

Use the sliders to filter by year and rankings

Concept 2 Rankings

similar to IAAF Rankings but using Concept 2 Rankings

Data split by Gender and Weight

Data contains all verified entries (including races) for each combination of Season, Gender and Weight